​​Upcoming Events:

Reaching Beyond the Veil: A night of mediumship. Sunday October 29th 2017 4:30-5:30pm  at Spooked in Seattle ghost tours.

Join us for an event filled with healing messages from the other side. As medium Roman Delgado passes messages of healing from the departed to a general audience. Admission by a $5.00 suggested donation to the death museum.

Spooked in Seattle is located at 102 Cherry St. Corner of 1st and Cherry, in Pioneer's Square, Seattle WA.

                                         Reaching Beyond the Veil.


My Mediumship work focuses on bringing  healing messages from those that have crossed over, creating a connection with the other side to find closure and comfort in knowing that no one is truly lost to us in life, or the beyond.


Teotl Tonalli.
Teotl Tonalli is the portal to the services of
Roman Delgado, a Psychic Medium, with 20 years of experience training and working in different aspects of Spirituality.

Teotl Tonalli.

"Persistence guarantees that results are inevitable."

-Paramahansa Yogananda