New Location!

Come see me at my new location: Mystic Sanctuary in University Place Wa! You can find me there in Wednesdays and Saturdays from     11 am to 5pm! It is currently my only available location! 

Mystic Sanctuary is located at 2805 Bridgeport Way W#23 University Place Wa 98466

Come get a reading and shop for all your magical needs! 


My services as take many forms, I can work as a Psychic, Necromancer, Healer and Sorcerer, all my work spans the spectrum of Brujeria, the art of Mexican Folk Magic. A combination of Catholic Mysticism, Native Mexican Spirituality, and Magical Practices brought to the Americas with the Slave Trade.  My work centers around my connection with the Spirit World to empower my clients to grow and live an empowered life.


"Persistence guarantees that results are inevitable."

-Paramahansa Yogananda

Teotl Tonalli.

                                         Reaching Beyond the Veil.

Teotl Tonalli.
Teotl Tonalli is the portal to the services of
Roman Delgado, a Brujo( Sorcerer ) with an extensive background in work with the spirit world, spiritual healing and folk magic.