Teotl Tonalli.

About the Name and Services:

About the name:

I grew up surrounded by a strong mix of Spanish and Native Mexican cultures. The name of this venture reflects that. In Nahuatl ( Aztec ) the word Teotl, refers to God, Spirit, The creative force behind all things. Tonalli is a term referring to the soul, a divine spark needed for a healthy life. Together they loosely translate to Divine Soul,  words that  reflect my view of the sanctity of the Human Spirits with which I communicate both in the  living world and in the other side.

 About my services:

During a Mediumship session I will open myself to spirit, in order to communicate with anyone in the other side who may wish to speak with you, and you with them. The focus of my sessions are healing messages of Love and Closure. You are always in control of the session and I make an effort to not ever communicate messages that I would consider in any way negative or hurtful.  As a location: On Saturdays Fron 11 am to 5pm I can be found at Mystic Sanctuary at  2805 Bridegeport Way W#23 University Place WA.

 I  only work face to face readings and Do Not perform phone readings for any reason. The fees for my services are as follows:


​15 minutes----$30.00 ( walk in only)

30 minutes---- $50.00

45 minutes---$75.00


​Small Group Readings 2-5 people ( appointments preferred)

​15 minutes---- $50.00 ( Walk in only)

30 minutes----$100.00

45 minutes----$125.00

​1h---- $150.00

I accept Debit cards and most major Credit cards.

Gift Certificates are also available for sale upon Request.

I have a 24hr cancellation policy, all changes to appointments must be made a minimum of 24hrs in advanced in order to reschedule
All clients will be rescheduled a Maximum of 3 times, "No shows" will not be rescheduled for any reason.

To book an appointment, call Mystic Sanctuary at (253) 302-3563

For further questions email Rev.Roman Delgado at


"Remember, The entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you" - Rumi