Teotl Tonalli.

My own journey with reading cards was the very beginning of my work as a Sorcerer and Spiritual Advisor. As a child my Grandmother noticed my own Psychic Gifts and taught me how to read Spanish playing cards in order for me to have a way to control and harness my gifts! This I found it was knowledge that had been passed down the generations in that side of my family for many years. It began my journey in the world of Mexican Brujeria and Curanderismo. Throughout the years I learned to read other forms of cards, in particular Tarot.  In a session with me you will shuffle the deck of cards in a special way, and ask a question. I will lay out the cards in a special configuration or " layout" related to the subject at hand. Through a combination of the traditional meaning of each card, interpretation of the symbols depicted in the card and the each cards relationship to each other in the layout, as well as my own psychic gifts; the cards will begin to paint a picture of sorts, giving a great deal of insight into your life and the matters at hand, in ways even you may be potentially unaware of! Be aware as with all of my readings, the cards say what they say, and I will pass their messages even if they are not the messages you are expecting!

For those of you looking for a deeper reading I offer a combination of my Shamanic Bone divination and Card Reading that goes deeper than any of my other readings, as it is a combination of both systems. It is only available in the 1hr ( one hour) format.

At this moment this service is available on Saturdays at Mystic Sanctuary in University Place Wa on  Wednesdays and Saturdays from 11 am to 5 pm, to make an Appointment with me call them at: 253-302-3563

Fees for this service are as follows:

15 Min---$30

30 Min---$50

45 Min---475

1hr--- $100

Couples Readings

30 Min---$85

45 Min---$100


" There is nothing that is possible in Spirit, that is impossible in Flesh and  Blood" W.D  Wattles


Cartomancy is the art of divination through cards. The most popular and well known card deck to read is The Tarot. A word steeped in history and magic, it conjures many thoughts and images, stirring  the imagination of all who encounter it!

Yet The Tarot is not the only deck that can be used as an oracle. People have been known to consult many other formats of card decks to get advice or knowledge of things to come. This include card decks designed with the particular intent of divination, or even plating cards!