Teotl Tonalli.

As part of this Service you will get time in consultation with my own attending Daemons. As such is a highly personal service that I hold in high regard. In it you will begin by asking questions for guidance about your life, in the order in which they weight the heaviest in your heart and mind. This will open a path for conversation and guidance from my Daemons with me as a channel ( their voice and intermediary). Please be aware that I cannot control what the Daemons say, and they are blunt and to the point. You will get real perspective and guidance, especially if you are willing and able to experience without expectations or preconceptions.

There are no groups or couples consultations available, only single in person appointments. It is offered at Mystic Sanctuary located at 2805 Bridgeport Way W #23 University Place Wa on Wednesdays and Saturdays ( 11 am to 5pm ) The Fees for this Service are as follows:

15 Minutes---$50




To book an appointment call  Mystic Sanctuary at (253) 302-3563 For any further questions email Rev. Roman Delgado at Teotltonalli@gmail.com

"Only through the deepest of Shadows can reach true light"

Daemonic Consultations.

Daemons are Humanity's Shadow. Beings born out of our pains and struggles. They have a unique point of view of our world and life. They can see the things we hide from ourselves and each other. In particular things that are natural and perfectly healthy parts of the human experience we hide and shy away from.