Teotl Tonalli.

​Why Learn Reiki?

​There are many reasons people enter the path of healing. Many come with a need of personal development, in one or many areas of life. Others come with a deep need for self healing. Some are called to the path from a point of view of service to others.​

​In reality the reason for learning Reiki tends not to matter as much as the end result. Reiki as path is transformational in nature. What does that mean?

​It means that through the practice of Reiki your entire life is healed and transformed; uncovering the deeply forgotten and buried aspect of yourself that are in tune with your own inner divine nature. Reiki is a gentle discipline that through daily practice aligns and heals your body, mind and soul. Healing every aspect of your life and  changing  you deeply.

​Reiki is organized in 3 levels of practice. The first is highly oriented towards self healing, and a basic practice with healing others. The second is a practitioner level that delves deeply into more advanced techniques for working with others. The third degree of Reiki practice is dedicated to learning and making a commitment towards teaching Reiki.

​My teaching practice is oriented largely towards teaching Reiki levels 1 and 2. It is once I observe my students progress as practitioners that I consider them for a Reiki level 3 class, as part of which Reiki students apprentice with me and become a teacher's assistant in my Reiki Classes for an extended period of time before receiving their Reiki Master/Teacher attunement.

​In a Reiki one and two class( often taught over a two day weekend all day each day)you will learn subjects like:​

​-What is Reiki.

-Reiki history.

​-Reiki philosophy.

​-Reiki Self treatment( hand placements on the body)

​-Treatment of others ( hand placements on clients body)​

​-Reiki treatment through time and space. ( The Reiki level 2 symbols)

​-Advanced Reiki Techniques.

An Much more!

​Individual Fee for a Weekend class of levels one and two is $350.00

​Private classes for clients and friends/family are available.  A full class is considered to be 6-10 people. Discounts available for private classes with  a full class list( inquire for further details) classes take place within the city of Tacoma. I do not teach distance classes or give distance attunements. Reiki is an initiatory practice and must always be learned in person.  There is no such thing as a distance attunement in traditional Reiki.

For more information email Rev. Roman Delgado at Teotltonalli@gmail.com  or call (253)273-6509 from 12pm (noon) to 8p​m

​"Just for today I show kindness and gratitude to every living thing..."

​-The Reiki Ideals.