Teotl Tonalli.

In my work an appointment with me as a Sorcerer I will draw from my abilities to perform divination, such as  Mediumship, Bone Throwing and Totem Animal Divination. I will also draw on my work as a Healer through Energy Healing, Shamanic Healing and Angel healing. What makes this different is that you will also be able to benefit from experience and knowledge on  Magic and Sorcery attained through my Family, my own practice and personal study.

I will Not be the type of Sorcerer to charge you a lot of money for a spell. What I do is through our interaction and divination, find the root of what blocks you from your goal. Then I will instruct you on how to Magically clear the path and get to where want to be on your own.  I will point you to resources I am familiar with: Teachers,Healers, Books, Local Shops. I will instruct when necessary on how to perform magic on your own to get to where you need to be.

As a Spiritual Advisor I cannot guarantee that I will tell you what you want to hear, or what you expected to hear. I will however do my best to stay true to the wisdom that the spirit world brings through for you. To be a clear channel for any healing that may be needed, and to dig deep and draw from my experience as a Sorcerer to instruct you on how to magically help yourself along the path of life.

The fee for this Service is


( One hundred and fifty US Dollars)

All appointments are 1hr long, no 2 appointments are alike; because no 2 clients or lives are completely alike. As such I will personalize your appointment to your needs by drawing from my full skill set.

At this moment this service is available on Saturdays at Mystic Sanctuary in University Place on  Wednesdays and Saturdays, to make an Appointment with me call them at: 253-302-3563

The very word, Sorcery, brings forth in mankind a varied array of strong emotions. I grew up in a culture filled with Brujos( Sorcerers), Curaderos ( Healers), Shamans and much more.

In my practice of Brujeria, ( Mexican Folk Magic and Sorcery) My specialty falls under the description of Consejero Espiritual. In better understood terms it translates to " Spiritual Advisor "