My Spell packages are an extension of my sorcery services, where I as a sorcerer take magical action on your behalf.

It consist of  2 sessions and a magical working. The initial consult is a standard 0ne hour Sorcery session. In it together we will determine exactly what magical course of action is needed for your life situation, and jump start your progress.

 At the End of the session we will agree on what spells or other magical action

I will take on your behalf to continue the work.

The Second Session is a 30 min Follow Up in it we will do more divination and see where you have progressed.

If I have crafted any magical items for you to use as part of of our Spell Package your will receive it then!

This session is designed to tell you what your next step is now that sorcery has been set free into the spirit world

to work on your behalf. Please be aware magic takes the path of least resistance, there is no telling when and how

the outcome of the spells will come to be. The time you need to wait to see results will depend on the complexity of

your life situations and blockages to your progress in both your life and psyche.

For more information about the Initial Consult and Follow up that are part of this service visit the Sorcery

page in this website!

The Fee for this Service ranges from $300 to $350 USD Depending on the type of of magical work and materials needed.

This Service is available by appointment , I work it at Spooked in Seattle Ghost Tours in Pioneer's Square  ( 102 cherry St, Seattle WA) On Wednesdays and Fridays. To make an appointment call Rev. Roman Delgado at (253)273-6509 between 12pm ( noon) and 8pm or email me at

Disclaimer: I make no claim or guarantee as to the outcome of this service. You purchase and

make use of it at your own risk and judgement.

"Shine like the whole universe is yours" ---Rumi

Teotl Tonalli.

Spell Packages:

This service is a bit different from my other ones, Please Read this entire page before contacting me to make an appointment for this service

In my Sorcery, I focus on teaching my clients how to jump start their lives. I help my clients solve situations by teaching them basic magical skills to solve life situations, and heal themselves.

There are however situations in which my clients don't feel comfortable working their own magic. The reasons are as varied as the individual clients and situations. It is in those instances, when this service comes into play!