Teotl Tonalli.

Unlike my normal mediumship sessions, bone divination is far more involved. It is suited not only to connect with our deceased loved ones, but also to seek their counsel. In a session you as a client ask questions of the ancestors by  gently casting a set of animal bones before you, and I will interpret the pattern of their fall to give guidance. The bones have a voice of their own, as the ancestors do, and are often to the point, blunt and hold nothing back.

 For a location on Saturdays I can be found at Mystic Sanctuary in Lakewood Wa from Noon to 5p. Mystic Sanctuary is located at 2805 Bridegeport Way W. #23 University Place Wa 98466

The fees for bone readings are as follows:





Couples readings

(appointments preferred)




At this moment this service is available on Saturdays at Mystic Sanctuary in Lakewood WA on Saturdays, to make an Appointment with me call them at: 253-302-3563

" There is a voice that doesn't use words.Listen"- Rum

Reading the bones.

Bone divination, or throwing the bones, is a form of connecting with the ancestors  in order to seek guidance.

Throwing the bones has a long history and strong ties to Afro- American forms of spirituality. It is particularly popular in the southern parts of the U.S.

This is the newest addition to my divination repertoire. I encountered it while researching folk magic practices in the US; My own background in Mexican folk magic, cartomacy, tarot, scrying and mediumship made bone divination a natural progression of my mediumship practice.