Teotl Tonalli.

In a reading with this oracle the stones a drawn by you, in a predetermined arrangement. Much like a Tarot spread the oracle stone  have deep meanings in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Due to the symbols carved in them. As the stones are placed in the spread, the meanings change and evolve. They begin to paint a picture. That picture is you, the client and your life as it relates to the question asked. The oracle is designed to give you a higher perspective you may lack in a situation. To see your life from the outside in order to find a better way to deal with what is going on. The spreads vary in detail and depth depending on your choice, and on your type of question.

 I work with The Seeing Eye Oracle Stones at Mystic Sanctuary in Lakewood Wa. I can be found there in Wednesdays and Saturdays from 11am to 5pm. Mystic Sanctuary is located at 2805 Bridegeport Way W. #23 University Place WA 98466

15Min. ---- $30



At this moment this service is available on Saturdays at Mystic Sanctuary in Lakewood WA on Saturdays, to make an Appointment with me call them at: 253-302-3563

"What You Seek is Seeking You"---Rumi

The Seeing Eye Oracle Stones:

For many years I searched for divination methods that felt my own. While I have found my home in my current practices, something  still drew me to search.

One night during a ceremony to honor my Ancestors, I made a petition to have my very own way to communicate messages from the spirit world. That night I had a dream of a long ago deceased  member of my family, who was my first Spiritual Teacher. She instructed me on how to make a set of 14 oracle stones that would become my own way of getting guidance. Shortly after with her guidance and that of my Attending Daemons The Seeing Eye Oracle Stones were born.