Teotl Tonalli.

Totem Divination:

Totems or Power Animals are  the spiritual embodiment of our own talents, traits, power and wisdom. They are our guardians and partners in life and spiritual work.

This service is however not designed to tell you your own personal Totem, but to seek advice and wisdom from Power Animals residing in the spirit world.

In this service I combine work with oracle cards and shamanic journey to enter a light trance and communicate with Power Animals residing in the spirit world. The session begins with you and me together helping you formulate a question, in a length and format that suits work with power animals. It continues with intuitively choosing a power animal to work with through the use of a set of oracles cards. It is then that I enter trance, communicate with the Power Animal and bring its advice back to you upon my return  to this world.

This style of reading is a bit more gentle than my Bone Divination or Mediumship, since it allows me to get out of the way more, and simply give the wisdom the Power Animals without much interpretation. It is an interactive experience to aid you in finding perspective, clarity and advice with the help of the Power Animals.

This service is made available on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 11am to 5pm at Mystic Sanctuary  Located at 2805 Bridegeport Way W #23 University Place Wa. 98466

The Fees for this service are as follows:

15minutes---$30.00 ( walk ins only)




At this moment this service is available on Saturdays at Mystic Sanctuary in Lakewood WA on Saturdays, to make an Appointment with me call them at: 253-302-3563

"Only from the heart can one touch the sky" - Rumi.