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Below is a short video filmed at spooked in Seattle Featuring Paranormal Investigator Ross Allison, and  Myself ( Psychic Medium Rev.Roman Delgado )

Radio/Audio links:

Cosmic Contacts with Pam 9/29/14 

Blog talk radio appearance on Cosmic Contacts with Pam show on 9/29/2014

Cosmic Contacts with Pam 1/19/2015

Blog talk Radio appearance on Cosmic Contacts with Pam show on 1/19/2015

Supernatural Radio Show with Corrine De Winter 1/29/2015

Blog talk radio appearance on the Supernatural Radio Show with Corrine De Winter. 1/29/2015


From a Mediumship client:

"Doctors make the worst patients. This is one of the things I grew up hearing. It is as true now as it was then. Mediums also pose the greatest challenge in a reading. Most people who look for a Medium have begun to develop their intuition, and bring with them a desire for more education as well as confirmation and healing. I find that Roman is a well rounded practitioner and is more than equipped to handle this challenge. I also enjoy his honest and off the cuff style. He is not your typical TV Medium which is refreshing."--- Anicka MM Hedglin, Reiki Master, Trance Medium.

From a Shamanic Bone Divination Client:

" Roman's  reading was insightful and to-the-point. It uncovered the traps and pitfalls that once halted my progress. It gave me the strong bird's eye view to tackle my life path with confidence!"  --- Justin Hogan.

From a Totem Animal Reading Client:

"Roman was able to Shamanicaly connect with the animal spirit in my reading to bring forth deep knowledge that is helping heal old wounds and grief.  

a very poignant and direct approach to subconscious information otherwise left submerged."--- Eileen Day Wurst M.A, LMHC, Director of  The Reiki Training program.

From a Sorcery Client:

" When Roman performed and Angel healing on me I had a tremendous breakthrough. It unlocked things I had not thought of in years and gave me the best emotional breakthrough I've had in years. I highly recommend it to anyone, it is a powerful healing tool." --- Justin

From a Daemonic Consultation Client:

" I recently had a Daemonic Consultation with Roman Delgado, in it I  was directed to the very moment I experienced Soul Loss and ways that I can overcome it. It was blunt, direct and to the point. It was the best way I have received advice on how to improve areas in which my life is lacking  and helped  me take the first step to bringing the  deepest emotional losses to the surface that I have suppressed for many years, so I can start my healing journey. If you feel you need a very precise and direct approach, I would suggest this form of divination to you." -C.N.

"Just for today I show kindness, and gratitude to every living thing.""

The Reiki Ideals.